Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anyone could get on a trapeze.

Its a bar and two strings.

Many people could not fathom to do this.

Anyone could weave a piece of cloth.

Its strings woven into strings.

Many people cannot fathom this construction.

There is a dull vibrancy of this knowledge.

It is not anything anyone special has to do.

You don't need to be special in order to weave or sit on a bar.

People tell me I have a lot of courage to do the things I do. Really, like the length of this weaving I think that accusation is absurd. I'm not courageous to start an obscenely long weaving, I'm merely an idiot. It's not courageous to hang 20 feet in the air and do things the average person wouldn't dream of doing, its stupid.

I'm merely a fool and a jester, I just want to have all of the attention and make people smile at my absurdity.

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