Friday, March 5, 2010

I was upside down and the floor was closer than I thought. I hit my head on one swing forward and one swing backwards... I shut my eyes so tight I didn't know where I was anymore. My arm came up to cover myself, it took the rest of the blows that the floor was determined to give my head. I was in the fetal position, swinging right side up or down, it didn't matter. I couldn't breathe.

My head had made a disgusting cracking sound.

My eyes were shut so tight I saw a hundred colors like static on a tv.

I felt my weight lift. I was flying? Passing out?

I was lifted by all of the boys on the team away from my apparatus, I felt like a striken god that was falling.

When I opened my eyes it was just the bright lights that I saw, spinning. I was dizzy.

I was fine, just stunned.

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